I have been a patient at Wash Common Dental Practice for many, many years now and have always been treated very well by everyone. The premises are always clean and tidy and you always get a warm welcome from the reception staff. I have had different dentists and hygienists over the years but all have given me very good care especially as I seem to have inherited less than perfect teeth.

I am currently having a lot or work done with Seepaul Singh (Implants, new Crowns and new Bridge etc) and everything had been done to the highest order and to fit in around me.

I can certainly recommend this very nice practice. There is something for everyone.


For 30 years now I have been going to the Wash Common Dental Practice. I was introduced to Peter Lawson who for the first time looked after my teeth in a way that hadn't been done before. And another first was going to the hygienist, Sarah, who still buzzes around the Practice in a very purposeful way! Through Peters guidance neither our ' Young'! have fillings, all due to seeing the Hygienist

All New to Newbury, All those years ago. Over the years quite naturally the Dentists have moved on. Peter left, but, couldn't keep away! And has returned, and has now introduced Marnie his lovely wife, who is also his very efficient nurse. It's a Great Family Dentist, my daughter, son in law and Grandchildren go, an outing which they enjoy!

They have an expert Team on hand, very knowledgeable receptionists, who if you have a problem, they will sort it out for you. Where can you ring in the morning and say, My Husbands Dentures are broken! Bring them in they say! In the middle of the afternoon another phone, they are ready for collection! >

Seepaul, took over the Practise several years ago, and again we are seeing great changes. To start with he looked after me but now he is specialising in Implants. >Nobody needs to have problem teeth. They have experts in all fields of Dentistry. So I have now been introduced to Sylvia, my Dentist and Lynn my Hygienist a perfect team. There is a Dentist at Wash Common to suit everyone's needs.

It's in a perfect location, easy access good car parking.


I have been visiting Wash Common Dental Practice for over 4 years.
I am under the care of Dr Seepaul Singh and his dedicated team. If any treatment is required the time is always given to explain thoroughly the work that's involved, which is extremely important to me. The team of nurses lead by Kate are kind and reassuring and the reception staff are helpful and friendly.
I would highly recommend this Dental Practice.

Newbury Berkshire .